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Our Core Range of Products - All items are bespoke and tailored to your build requirements
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Frameless pieces of high specification structural glass can be expertly designed and engineered by Creative Glass to create long, frameless external glass walls. No visible framing is needed; each glass unit will be sealed together with structural grade silicone for an excellent and durable weather seal.
Create impressive glass walls using this expert technique of silicone jointed frameless glass that can even connect on corners with no external framing required.
The in house design department at Creative Glass will detail and design each connection and fixing of the structural glass to the building in order to create the most minimal appearance possible whilst maintaining impenetrable weather seals to the frameless glass wall.
We use the latest innovations in glass processing to be able to create extremely large insulated glass panels suitable for external use as frameless glass walls. Additional glass processes can be incorporated into a sealed glass unit for extra performance, such as a solar control coating for reduced solar gain.
All glass specifications will be designed to suit your application, building location and specified performance requirements to create a frameless glass wall installation that not only looks sleek and modern but conforms to all modern performance requirements.
Opening door elements, such as a bi fold door system or minimally framed pivot door, can be designed into a wall of frameless glass as required to create an access point. We can design and detail all connections and any required steel support maintaining a slim, modern glass appearance.



Several elevations and applications of structural glass can be brought together to form frameless, structural glass box extensions. The design team at Creative Glass have extensive experience creating these complex glass structures, maintaining as minimal appearance as required.

Using integrated and slim steel supporting sections, stepped and back painted structural glass units and integrated opening doors, we can create a minimal glass extension to a house or other building type.

By using glass to extend a home or building you benefit from extending living areas whilst increasing light levels within the rest of the space.

Highly insulating double glazed units, including low e coatings and argon gas fillings are used as standard to ensure a high level of insulation to your glass box extension. Additional glass coatings, such as a solar control coating, can reduce worries such as overheating via solar gain ensuring that your glass box extension is comfortable and useable all year around.

Various opening door elements can be integrated within the structural glass box envelope for easy access into the garden or further external spaces. Specialist minimally framed pivot doors will give you the slimmest profiles whilst aluminium bi folding doors will allow you to effectively open up an entire face of you glass box extension to merge the new glass extension space with the outside areas.



Use frameless structural glass as a transparent floor light, a cantilevered balcony or frameless glass bridge over a void.
Creative Glass are well versed at the design, specification and installation of these structurally integral glass installations.
By using specialist toughened laminated glass units a walk on glass floor can maintain its clarity in a relatively minimal glass construction.
Additional processes such as sand blasting or ceramic fritting can create a slip resistant surface to the top of a walk on glass floors. This can be especially useful on external glass floors where the surface is likely to get wet.
Walk-on glass floors and floor lights can be created as an insulated double or triple glazed unit if the floor is separating different climates. If required a specialist fire rated walk on glass floor can be created using specially tested fire rated glass units with a structural walk on glass floor panel.



Where an element of fire protection is required from your glazing installation Creative Glass can design and engineer an attractive, yet high performing, fire rated glass installation using some of the latest innovations in either metal framed or frameless fire rated glazing.
Frameless fire rated glass units can be used to create frameless elevations or walls of glass with inherent fire ratings of as high as 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation. The transparent intumescent seal within the fire rated glazing is activated under the radiant heat of fire and stops radiant heat transfer through the glazing from one side to the other. This is essential in keeping critical escape routes clear in the event of a fire.
Similarly, we offer fire rated doors in a number of designs to suit the aesthetic required of the building and the fire rating required from the glass installation. Designs are varied to enable us to create either a steel framed appearance or a frameless fire rated door design as required.
Our specialist frameless fire rated doors are truly one of a kind. With no framing required these internal fire rated doors can achieve a fire rating of 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation in a minimal and contemporary design.
Floor thresholds are flush, surrounds can be installed framelessly and the doors can be installed at large sizes – all to create a contemporary and unique frameless fire rated door installation.
The specialist edge details hide the intumescent seals of the specialist fire rated glass and a large variety of handle designs can be incorporated.



Frameless roof lights allow concentrated streams of light to enter a space through a largely solid and opaque roof structure.
Using frameless elements of structural glass Creative Glass can create frameless roof lights to any size, shape and specification, negating the need for any unsightly framing and maximising the amount of glass, and therefore light.
As each project carried out by our team is bespoke to suit that specific project there are no standard sizes; each frameless glass roof light is designed to suit your design aesthetic and structural opening required.
Internally you can finish the roof light to create a completely frameless internal view, with no fixings or supports on show. Externally, we design all glass fixings to create as minimal finish as possible.
For longer, thin, strip roof lights multiple panels of frameless glass can be silicone jointed together, maintaining that frameless minimal aesthetic with no framing required.
Frameless roof lights are fixed, but slim framed venting rooflights can be used to allow ventilation into a space. Stainless steel chain actuators push the aluminium frame open to allow ventilation and air flow. The slim aluminium frame can be powder coated to suit each project.
Creative Glass can design venting roof lights to be integrated into longer runs of frameless strip rooflights to create ventilation as a stand-alone unit or within longer glass installations. Control for any auto ventilation rooflights is chosen and designed to suit each application.
Frameless roof lights can be double or triple glazed to suit your thermal performance requirements with all glass specifications designed by our team.



Whether you are looking for replacement windows or a new set of bi folds to the rear of your home, we can provide a full range of modern, aluminium framed windows and doors to suit all purposes.

The fully thermally broken modern framingwe use achieves impressive thermal performances and all have been vigorously tested for weather resistance attributes to ensure a durable, insulating window or door system.

For opening door elements our aluminium casement doors maintain the crisp, square framing associated with modern aluminium frames.

For larger opening areas, our minimally framed sliding doors or aluminium bi folding doors can be used as modern patio doors, creating an indoor-outdoor effect to any rear living spaces, popular in modern architecture.

As a bespoke glazing design service Creative Glass can provide these modern windows and doors powder coated in any RAL colour to suit your design. Locking and handle choices are flexible.



Specially designed structural glass can be used to create frameless glass balustrades for both internal and external use.
Fixings and supporting methods for frameless glass balustrades can be designed by our, in-house, design team to suit each specific project and floor structure. Glass balustrades can be integrated into patios, staircase designs, internal landings and balconies as required.
Additional supports such as exposed building connectors or handrails can be integrated into the overall glass balustrade design as requested and specialist curved glass can be used to create a curved frameless balustrade installation.
Various glass finishes can be used in a frameless glass balustrades installation in order to achieve the overall aesthetic required. Decorative finishes such as kiln formed glass and various coloured interlayers can produce a stunning balustrade design, whereas specialist glass products like low iron glass can be used to create extremely clear balustrade designs, perfect for use on sensitive or listed building projects.
Sometimes a balustrade can be a useful privacy screen on exposed balconies or roof terraces. Various decorative glass techniques, such as sandblasting, acid etching or translucent interlayers, can be employed to create a structural glass balustrade installation that can provide privacy whilst maintaining light.
A typical frameless glass balustrade installation will require a toughened laminated glass composition. The overall thickness and type of interlayer used will be designed by the our design team in accordance with line load requirements, location of the project and balustrade as well as the height.



Internal glazing can be used to effectively separate different areas of a building whilst allowing light to travel freely through the space.
All standard internal glazing can be designed as frameless; using high specification single glazed, or laminated glass panels as required.
We endeavour to design all fixings and supports to be able to be hidden by building finishes, for a truly frameless glass partition or internal wall.
Internal glass doors can be similarly frameless, able to be installed within a frameless glass partition or alone within a wall opening. These internal glass doors are all bespoke made to suit each specific design requirement, from glass finishes to handle choices flexible.
The frameless internal doors designed by Creative Glass can be pivoting, hinged or sliding as required. All internal sliding doors are top hung, with all sliding mechanisms able to be hidden away as required.
If you have the space you could design a frameless internal sliding door to slide completely away into a hidden pocket with a wall cavity - a great option for space partitioning in an open place living space.
Pivoting and hinged internal doors can be installed with no surrounding frame for a continuous threshold between spaces.
A wide variety of decorative glass techniques and finishes can be incorporated into a frameless internal door partitions. This finishes can be designed to be suitable to either create a decorative finish or create a more practical finish in the form of manifestations



Practical & Stylish.
Adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom not only keeps water where it is supposed to be but can add a level of privicay and wow-factor to any installation.  Our vast range of shower ironmongery caters for every taste, in popular finishes from Stainless steel and Chrome to Bronze and brass for more traditional designs.



A modern take on the kitchen splashback - we can supply and install toughened glass in place of traditional tiles.  choose from a range of hundreds of available colours, clear or mirrored finish to suit your kitchen.
Alternatively, mirror cladding can be used to really open up a room and reflect natural light for a more open feel.  Antique or traditional silver mirrors can be used in most applications to suit your requirements.

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